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Luann Fulbright

The biggest complaint about yoga Luann has heard in her 20 years of teaching…is from new students who say,
 “I only wish I would have started sooner!”
 Don’t wait any longer.

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When you're new to yoga, it can be hard to know where to start. Don't worry, at Dream, we love yoga newbies and we are thrilled to help you start practicing.

Come to this sample class to learn what to expect in a yoga class at Dream. Enjoy practicing some basic yoga warm-ups, poses and breath work, and experience a guided meditation/ relaxation. Stay after class if you want to get your questions answered and get help in selecting a class that’s right for you.

Discover how EVERY BODY can do yoga and receive its many benefits. You do not need any props, or even a yoga mat, to take this class.

THIS SAMPLE CLASS is held once a month for first-time students only. Register early, so we have time to send you the ZOOM Class Access Link and Password! Email or if you need help.

Get started or Start Anew!

Privates, Groups, Offsite Corporate

& Yoga Parties




Email Luann@
to schedule a
Private Class

Dream Yoga is a place for Kids of All Ages & physical capabilities!  From Yoga for Creaky People to Vinyasa Flow,  we have a class for you!

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for descriptions & more information on our classes and programs for Kids, Tweens, Teens,  Families & Special Needs.


Family Yoga



Email Info@

Also See Our

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All Ages


No Yoga



Are you looking for a healthy way to stay active & connect with your child(ren)? Then Family Yoga is for you!

We tailor the class to meet your goals, which might include learning and practicing:

  • Basic yoga poses and practices.
  • Boosting strength, flexibility, energy and calm.
  • Strengthening self-expression.
  • Techniques for focusing the mind and reducing stress.
  • Fun yoga games.
  • Building a stronger family bonds.
  • Life / Lifestyle coaching.

Weekly Mid-Day


Yoga 'Peace Practices' to Reduce Anxiety & Increase Calm


11:30 AM - 12:25 PM

Starts April 22

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 Led by Dream Founder & Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist

Luann Fulbright

Feeling an increase in stress and anxiety? If so, you’re not alone!

Even BEFORE the novel Coronavirus, research by the American Psychological Association and others showed a significant increase in stress levels in the U.S. Some stress is natural; but too much of it leads to all kinds of health problems—body, mind & spirit. Most people know: You can’t talk or think your way out feeling overly stressed. ACTION IS NEEDED.

In this class,, you’ll be led through simple yoga movements and postures, mindfulness and breathing practices (pranayama), and guided meditations/relaxations most anyone can do to release tension and tightness in the body, clear and calm your mind, soothe your nervous system and lower stress hormones.

This class is just what you need (mid-day and mid-week)) to increase your sense of well-being and return to that “you” that welcomes each moment. Come to stretch, breathe, relax and restore! No yoga experience or props needed.

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Gentle Yoga


Level 1, All


Gentle yoga meets you where you are. Dynamic Gentle Yoga takes you where you want to go.

This class is perfect for those new to yoga, or individuals looking to slow down and release the stress of everyday life. This compassionate practice uses slow repetitive movements with rhythmical breathing and yoga postures to lubricate joints and loosen chronically contracted muscles to increase flexibility and range of motion. We take time to dive deeper into practice – learning, then holding poses a little longer to build energy, strength, focus, balance, inner connection & inner peace. This practice gives you a chance to create space for yourself, your breath, yoga and mindfulness. Experience TRANSFORMATIVE YOGA that Most Anyone Can Do!

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Yoga for

'Creaky People' 

Very Popular!

2 times a week!


1:30 PM


9:30 AM

Level 1, All

Yes, Yoga IS

for Everyone


Feeling stiff and creaky? Maybe a little grumpy?  Relax and stretch yourself!


“Creaky People” is a gentle class geared toward those new to yoga, or individuals looking to slow down and release the stress of everyday life.  This compassionate practice focuses on the joints, and uses gentle repetitive movements with rhythmical breathing and yoga postures to develop flexibility and range of motion, resilient strength, glowing wellness, inner connection and inner peace.  This class also offers a transformation for those with physical limitations, including chronically tight muscles, reduced range of motion, unsteady balance, weakness/slow muscle tone, recovery from surgery or injury, inflammation and heart conditions.


It’s yoga for every body, no matter your age or flexibility. You will learn to breathe more deeply, strengthen concentration/focus, and discover new strength and flexibility while honoring your limits. This class is respectful of individual differences and challenges, offering variations on all movements.  

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for Beginners
& Beyond

See Current Schedule
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Beginners, Level 1



New to Yoga


Students who

want to start

anew or refine

basic poses.

Weekly Classes

Sat, 8:30 - 9:45 AM

Wed, 7:15 - 8:30 PM


This class is perfect for anyone starting their yoga journey, as well as for those looking to revisit yoga basics. It will introduce you to the style of yoga mainly practiced at Dream Yoga Studio--Kripalu Yoga—which is both accessible and enlivening.

This Hatha & energy-based class begins with centering meditation, breath work, and warm-up movements to increase range of motion & prepare the body for deeper work. We’ll explore essential yoga poses that lead to increased strength, flexibility, better posture, improved balance and greater energy. Each class ends with relaxation and or guided meditation.

Expect clear instruction and a steady pace. Focusing the mind on breathing and the details of safe alignment will help you develop concentration and experience deep well-being & peace. You’ll also learn simple yogic concepts that can be applied to your modern day lifestyle.


You’ll practice in a supportive environment designed to take the competition and stress out of learning yoga, and be better prepared to enter other yoga classes at Dream.  Fee includes Handouts.


A perfect introductory experience!



Learn & Deepen

Your Practice of

The Five Tibetans

Email External link opens in new tab or windowLuann to inquire 

about a

Private Yoga Session

to learn The Five Tibetans.

External link opens in new tab or windowMarch 22, 2020

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All Levels


A Great Practice for students NEW to Yoga... Gives you a first Home Practice.

Experienced students get a new practice to add to their "Yoga Toolbox."

The Five Tibetans are known as the ancient "Rites of Rejuvenation" or the "Fountain of Youth." In less than 20 minutes a day, the Tibetans will strengthen, energize and balance you. You’ll feel healthier, more alive! The Tibetans are known to enhance bone mass, eliminate double chins, boost memory and immunity, improve eyesight, posture/spinal health, and more.


The Tibetans can be strenuous, but modifications are shown and practiced in this introductory class open to students brand-new to the Tibetans and to those who want a refresher course. You’ll learn relevant warm-ups, how to perform each Tibetan with proper alignment and breathing, and how to avoid injury/ramifications of this powerful practice.


We’ll discuss the impact the Tibetans have on the Chakra energy centers, glands and organs, and you’ll get your questions answered about your practice. You’ll also receive lots of handouts and teacher support to aid your home practice of the Tibetans.

Luann has taught students The Five Tibetans since 2003. For information on learning the Tibetans in a private yoga session with Luann, External link opens in new tab or windowgo here. 



Intermediate Yoga


Level 2


Take your yoga to the next level in this Hatha Yoga class that blends the alignment principals of Iyengar Yoga with the mindfulness & energy work of Kripalu.


You’ll learn and refine yoga postures that build strength, flexibility & balance; and engage in more advanced pranayama (breathing practices) that calm/focus your mind & infuse your body with lifeforce (prana). Warm up  and stretch away tension. Move through Sun Salutations/ other posture flows to boost stamina and immunity. Hold poses to generate heat, tone and detoxify.


You'll be encouraged to challenge yourself and also honor your body's limitations, modifying poses as needed to gain the greatest benefit from your practice. You’ll be invited to breathe, relax, go inside & feel, explore, watch, allow…and open to new possibilities for health, wholeness, personal discovery, inspiration & transformation. Each class ends with a brief relaxation/meditation for integrating body, mind & spirit.


Not sure if you're ready for this class? Ask Luann at  for a recommendation.









Private Yoga

& Yoga Therapy



Email External link opens in new tab or windowLuann

or call her at

703-448-YOGA (9642)

or 703 917-0067 to

arrange a Private Yoga  Session

with Luann

or another Dream




All Levels

Contrary to what some believe, EVERY BODY can do yoga!  If you think you're "not flexible enough," "not strong enough," "not fit enough" or "have physcial limitations" that would keep you from doing yoga.... Come find out how you can do matter what your limitations.


You can benefit from a Private Session if you're new to yoga or want to learn ways to adapt your practice at home or in Yoga Class to meet your current goals or challenges. New students can learn what yoga is, how you can benefit from doing yoga, and how you can begin a yoga practice. You can come to get "assessed" and see what classes at Dream Yoga Studio might be best for you.


In a Private Yoga session, your instructor will take a gentle approach to help you learn & move deeper into yoga postures, even if you have minimal flexibility. You’ll find that a transformative yoga practice doesn’t have to be intimidating or painful.


Your instructor will break postures into increments and show you how to use props to make yoga accessible. You’ll learn to breathe more deeply, strengthen concentration/focus, and discover new strength & increased flexibility while honoring your limits. Your instructor will  offer practical suggestions from working with his/her own and their students’ experiences of specific conditions, including back problems, arthritis, pregnancy, organ prolapse, panic disorder, breathing problems, and recovery from injury. You'll find greater balance and a sense of well-being as you learn how to practice with both effort and ease.


Stretch Deeply,
Relax Fully &
Renew with

Drop-ins are welcome as
space permits.

 No prior yoga experience
All Levels

Private Sessions 
Plus BiMonthly

See What's
Scheduled &

Email Luann@ for a Private Session

Join Dream Yoga Studio Director & Yoga Therapist Luann Fulbright for a practice people adore – a perfect class free your body, mind and spirit!!

With time, gravity and our various activities, our joints become compressed and the connective tissue that surrounds the joints can become hard and immobile. YIN YOGAcomes to the rescue, using gentle pressure and longer holds of postures to safely stimulate the joints and ligaments in our bodies to improve strength, mobility and hydration to the joints. It’s an excellent practice to counter the effects of arthritis, and develop the “Witness Mind” (the mind that’s able to be present with “what is” without wanting to change it to be happy).

In RESTORATIVE YOGA, we use blankets and other supportive props to get into nurturing and deeply restful postures that help:
  • Release chronically-held musculature tension.
  • Turn off the fight-or-flight response, and
  • Turn on the relaxation response to lower blood pressure, calm heated emotions, combat fatigue & promote healing.

Gravity does a lot of the work while you're guided in breathing and relaxation techniques that quiet the mind and soothe the nervous system.

Come, take a break from the busy-ness of life, and TREAT YOURSELF to this beautiful experience! You’ll leave feeling noticeably looser physically, mentally "chilled" … and a little more enLightened too!

Tai Chi, Mindful Movement
& Qi Gong
for Stress Reduction
 All Levels

Wed @ 11:15 AM
Conventional medical research now shows what Tai Chi masters have known for centuries: Regular practice leads to more vigor & flexibility, better balance & mobility, and a sense of well-being. It supports the health of the heart, bones, nerves, muscles, immune system & the mind. THIS NEW CLASS focuses on the first 1/3 of the Yang Style 37 Forms—postures that embody all the tai chi principals & provide the foundation upon which the entire form rests.

This moderate, flowing style is easily learned by most people, which is why it has such a following worldwide. It can be adapted to the differing needs of the student, which makes it a great form for both seniors & young people alike. Its gentle postures provide deceptively powerful conditioning from the ground up. Dream Meditation teacher Jon Waterman, who has studied martial arts for decades, guides the class with an emphasis on reducing stress through “Mindful Movement." Each class includes Qi Gong warm ups. Come & enjoy!
Tai Chi &
Qi Gong

for Health & Well-Being

All Levels

@ 6:00 PM

For those who want to enhance their health & well-being thru the Eastern concepts and "Internal Forms”/exercises of Tai Chi & Qi Gong.

You’ll enjoy learning from a Grandmaster how these ancient practices can lead to better posture/balance; more efficient breathing; increased strength/muscle tone/range of motion; & improved mental focus—all while training the body/mind/spirit to move in harmony. You’ll also be introduced to “Corrective Functionality” exercises used by orthopedic physical therapists to improve body alignment & prevent injury.

 Ideal for those seeking a form of exercise with low impact to the joints, including people who have had hip/knee replacement surgery; & for cross-training. The presentation of the "Internal Forms" (Nei Chi Chuan) in this class is welcoming to both the beginner and advanced practitioner. Warm-ups and modifications to movements are offered. This practice both energizes and calms, and is also a great workout. Two classes a week recommended for greatest impact.


Slow Flow

& Let Go

Vinyasa Yoga & Yoga Nidra Guided Sleep Meditation

Beginners Plus

Level 1-2

For students
 who know basic yoga postures who are free from
 limiting injuries.

This class helps balance body, mind & spirit through the play of opposites

 We'll move through an energetic series of flowing postures-- a great workout - -followed by deep relaxation or 'yogic sleep.'

By tying each movement to an inhale or exhale, this meditative practice helps you develop a greater sense of self-connection and harmony with the flow of life.

This class moves a little slower than in typical vinyasa classes, starting with warm-up flows & posture review, & gradually progressing into more detailed flows & challenging postures. You’ll be encouraged to honor your body as you shed stress & increase strength, endurance, balance, flexibility.

Each class ends with a 20-minute Yoga Nidra--a lying down meditation scientifically proven to induce a profound level of relaxation which leads to improved health and transformation on the physical, energetic, mental, emotional & spiritual levels.
 Slow Flow
Beginners &
Mixed Levels
Weekly on Friday Nights
Get a little happier in our new virtual Friday afternoon Happy Hour class.

 In this slow flow class, you will mindfully move through poses as you release the week's accumulated emotional and physical tension. The slower movements will allow you to gradually warm up your muscles, joints and connective tissues, and to practice more mindfully and intuitively. The class will end with a relaxing savasana so that your body may assimilate your practice.

After class, you're invited to remain and share a glass of your favorite beverage and a little virtual conversation with your fellow students. Because … more than ever, we need to remain connected and to remind each other that this journey is a collective one which we are all sharing.

The class is for all levels and, although the practice is not a physically challenging one, some yoga experience is suggested. Cheers!
 Slow Flow
for Advanced
Beginners &
Level 1-2
& Beyond

For students free of major injuries who have basic yoga experience.
Come to this class to free your energy, strengthen & stretch muscles in the body, and unwind your busy mind.

Your teacher will help you build the foundation for a healthy, life-long Vinyasa Flow practice—a more athletic workout in which you flow from one pose to another with your breath. You will learn and hone your knowledge of classic Vinyasa postures, including safe alignment in these postures, plus supportive breathing practices. We’ll build heat with slow Sun Salutations & standing poses; and take time to settle into poses a little longer, and perhaps deeper, to increase flexibility, stamina, vitality, balance and keen self-awareness. Variations of the postures will be explored, so you can keep taking your practice to the next level.

Best suited for students free of major injuries who have basic yoga experience.
 Vinyasa Yoga Flow
Level 2

 For students who have a firm foundation of basic yoga postures & want a more active practice
This class will take your Vinyasa practice to a new level of challenge.

We'll explore mindful and creative flows, introducing and reviewing details of new postures, as needed, before adding them to a flow. You will be given ground-up cues for alignment and modifications for postures to enhance confidence and safely; and have the opportunity to build endurance, focus, flexibility and balance through longer holdings of postures.

We will strengthen and tone each major part of the body, and boost your heart rate in an invigorating physical practice, before cooling down with adequate stretching and relaxation techniques, enriching both your physical and mental experience.

Intermediate breathing techniques will be explored to deepen your experience, allowing you to connect with your body and flow with your breath.

Yoga for TEENS


5:00 - 6:00 PM


6:00 - 7:00 PM


7:00 - 8:00 PM



Ages 13-18



All the great

benefits of a

regular yoga


 but designed especially

for Teens




Teens can feel pressed and stressed. Teen Yoga gives them a break -- a place to breathe, relax & learn new skills that can be used for school, sports, performing arts and life!


In this class, students learn classic yoga warm-ups and postures to become stronger & more flexible. They’re introduced to breathing, relaxation & meditation techniques that focus their mind and boost energy.  Improved mental clarity leads to a greater sense of well-being, as well as study skills. Greater body awareness & acceptance can result in higher self-esteem.


Yoga can help teens:

  • Feel less hyper or stressed
  • Feel more calm & peaceful
  • Lose weight & Breathe better
  • Sleep better
  • Get sick less
  • Perform better in sports, dance & other physical activities
  • Improve memory, focus for better grades
  • Cultivate discipline
  • Be less injury-prone
  • Reduce aches & pains
  • Improve your posture
  • Become more self-aware and accepting
  • Feel more confident
  • Live more fully & joyfully in the present

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 Yoga for TWEENS


4:00 - 4:45 PM

Ages 10-13Growing up isn’t easy! Today’s preteens need even more help than ever navigating the increased academic and social challenges they face in their daily lives.

This class helps give preteens the tools they need to improve concentration, reduce stress and connect with their bodies and their feelings in a fun and positive way. Your preteen will learn yoga postures for increased balance, flexibility and strength, along with a wide variety of breathing techniques to explore and release pent-up energy while also focusing and quieting the mind.



Yoga Nidra


to De-Stress,

Relax &


Weekly on


6:30 - 7:30 PM


7:30 - 8:30 PM



Slow Flow

& Yoga Nidra

External link opens in new tab or windowRegister

Also private sessions

at the Studio, your home

or hospital. 

All Levels

Everyone can

do this practice!

See what deeper

& deeper states of relaxation 

can do for you!


External link opens in new tab or windowYour Brain

External link opens in new tab or windowon Yoga Nidra

In just one hour, this very simple, enjoyable and effortless, guided meditation practice can melt away exhaustion and elevate your mood.

More & more...

Yoga Nidra is being

used to help veterans and others manage PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.)

Take a break from your busy life with this grown-up version of "nap time."

Yoga Nidra, or 'Yogic Sleep" is a lying-down meditation scientifically proven to induce a profound level of relaxation which leads to improved health and transformation on the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

A regular Yoga Nidra practice has been proven to have many benefits, including:

  • Helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Boost your immune system
  • Promote a positive outlook & and lift your spirits.
  • By working with the subconscious mind, Yoga Nidra can also help you make real and lasting changes.

20 Minutes of Yoga Nidra is worth at least 3 hours of deeply restorative & healing sleep.


Each class begins with a gentle movement that anyone can do (or choose not to do).

Everyone can do this practice. No yoga or meditation experience needed. All you have to do is lie down and listen to the teacher's soothing voice. Wear comfortable clothes.

This is a great way to start or enhance a meditation practice.

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Introduction to Mindfulness


& Stress Reduction


& Continuing

6 & 8-Week

This short course will introduce useful tools for identifying and managing stress, and developing mental focus, in skillful and gentle ways.


It's a special opportunity to become familiar with the time-tested, relaxing and restorative qualities of Mindfulness Meditation. We'll explore how meditation helps lower stress levels, focus the mind, and be more balanced and healthy. Meditation also helps you focus, so you can realize your "best Self."We know that many folks are often intimidated by the thought of sitting still for long periods of time. So we’ll first explore gentle flowing movements that release tension and stress, to prepare for meditation.


As weeks progress, instructions will cover meditation while sitting, kneeling, standing and walking. Each class includes deep relaxation in the reclining posture. Jon will also offer short talks which include a relaxed blend of Applied Mindfulness—a secular approach to teaching meditation similar to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and some traditional teachings from the path to enlightenment.


This series is primarily for those new to meditation and/or want to reduce stress. Props such as chairs, sitting cushions, blankets and eye masks will be provided.
 Yoga & Journaling
21 Days to a Contemplative

No previous
 yoga experience required.
All Levels

Next 3-Week

To Be

Yoga and Journaling have a lot of wonderful things in common!  They both can help us focus, reflect, get in touch with our true feelings, come more present and open to life in each moment, tap into our most creative self, de-stress, get healthier, grow and thrive.


Join Dream Yoga Teacher, Journalist, Singer-Songwriter, Life Coach and life-long journal keeper Lauren Fulbright for a three-week journey that will free your creative energy and help you tap into your personal wisdom.


In an atmosphere of non-judgmental curiosity and acceptance, you'll:

  • Be inspired to capture the inner messages or revelations that come to you on your yoga mat and off.
  • Discover how your yoga journal can be a place to work out your thoughts, desires, fears and discoveries.
  • Find out how journaling can deepen (and inspire) your yoga practice and your life.

Learn More
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 Yoga for Bellies, Backs & Beyond
Level 1-2

& Thursdays
11:00A - 12:15P

A stable core and a strong back play critical roles in the way we age and our ability to balance and even breathe efficiently.

Exciting new advances in bio science reveal that these things also impact the way we safely and most enjoyably practice yoga.

In this Hatha Yoga-inspired class, we will practice poses that strengthen, stabilize and stretch the core and back and improve our balance. We will also incorporate core and back stability into traditional yoga poses. The class ends with a guided relaxation, allowing you to assimilate all you have done.

This class is for those who have some yoga experience who seek to more safely and enjoyably practice yoga as they stabilize their cores and backs and improve their balance.

Catha teaches in a fun-loving and high-spirited way so you might leave class a little happier, as well..

You’re welcome to change your clothes at the Studio. We have all props needed.

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 Yoga for
Better Bones
& Balance
External link opens in new tab or window
All Levels

New Time on
1:30 PM - 2:45A

It's expected that by 2020, half of all American men and women over age 50 will have, or will be at risk of developing, osteoporosis of the hip. Even more will be at risk of developing it the spine and elsewhere.

This class is for anyone who is interested in warding off bone loss, and for those who have been formally diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis who want to increase bone density. Variations are given for poses, based on students’ needs and abilities.

Classes start with safe and appropriate warm-up exercises/stretches, followed by poses that safely strengthen bones without injuring joints. And since the greatest risk to those with brittle bones is fracture from falls, we will incorporate poses and techniques that improve balance, minimize falls and reduce the impact of falls when they happen.

Classes include breathing practices and end with a simple guided relaxation. All Levels of students are welcome, including those with no yoga experience.

Yoga Stretch

& Strengthen



Level 1-2

One of Dream's

most long-standing

& popular classes

This popular class is perfect for a beginner—or the experienced yoga practitioner—who wants a less vigorous class to increase flexibility, strength, energy, balance, good posture, and greater ease in the body/mind.

A slower class pace helps you:

  • Learn basic yoga postures and breathing exercises.
  • Increase body awareness to avoid or recover more quickly from illness or injury; and
  • Balance a life of more active yoga practice or physical exercise with more focused breathing and stretching.


Classes include total body stretching with a special emphasis on tension-prone areas—neck, shoulders, lower back, hips and hamstrings/legs. We’ll do joint-freeing movements, detoxing twists, and passive holding of poses—surrendering to gravity—to release deeply held tightness. Restorative Poses using blankets and other props to support the body might be used to help you experience deeper opening, relaxation and healing.


To strengthen, we’ll use holding of poses, repetition, props and lifting up and out of gravity. Focus on breathing and relaxation techniques will balance the nervous and endocrine systems. Each class ends with guided relaxation.

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