Classes & Services for Body, Mind and Freeing Your Spirit  

What defines
Kripalu Yoga
is its emphasis:

  • following the flow of prana (life-force energy),

  • practicing compassionate self-acceptance,

  • developing witness consciousness (observing the activity of the mind without judgment), and

  • taking what is learned “off the mat” and into daily life.

Kripalu Affilated Studio

It’s official! We are proud to announce Dream Yoga Studio is now a member of a network of yoga studios affiliated* with Kripalu® Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  Kripalu (kri-PAH-loo) is the largest and most established retreat center for yoga, health and holistic living in North America.

Dream Yoga is the only Kripalu affiliate in Virginia. We entered into this affiliation because the core values and mission of Kripalu and Dream are closely aligned.  Kripalu is dedicated to promoting the art and science of yoga to produce thriving and health in individuals and society, and is a world leader in this endeavor. For more than 30 years, Kripalu has been teaching skills for optimal living through experiential education for the whole person: body, mind and spirit. 

Through our affiliation, Dream Yoga Studio now receives guidance in best practices, and shares knowledge and insights with Kripalu staff and with other Kripalu Studios. The focus is often on, "How do we serve students well?"  We’re also likely to be bringing more named Kripalu instructors to Dream.

So you can expect Dream to be even better able to help you improve your state of integration, vitality, wholeness and fulfillment. Dream Yoga can also bring groups of students to Kripalu at a discount.

To learn more about Kripalu Yoga and Center, read “The Kripalu Approach: Yoga for Everybody.”

Luann, Dream’s Director, is the featured Studio owner in Kripalu’s Yoga Bulletin, December 2009 Edition. Read what she has to say about Dream Yoga Studio—it’s challenges and rewards, its students and teachers, our successes and vision for the future.