Classes & Services for Body, Mind and Freeing Your Spirit  

Intro to Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction

Jan 6 - Feb 10

Feb 24 - Mar 31


with Jon Waterman

7:30-9:00 PM

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Sample Class

Tues, Feb 17






FREE Teleconference

The Future of Meditation

& An Overview of the

500-Hour Kripalu Yoga

Teacher Training Program

Starting at Dream April 8

Sun, Jan 25

Women's Yoga for

Radiant Health & Beauty

with Shakta Kau Khalsa

Sun, Feb 1


Coming Together

for Valentine's

with Dream Director Luann
Fri, Feb 13




Retreat from Stress

Sun, Feb 15

The Yoga of YES!

Weekend Intensive

with Kripalu's Jurian Hughes

 Feb 27-Mar 1

LifeForce Yoga to

Manage Your Mood

with author Amy Weintraub

Sun, Mar 29


The Five Tibetans

 Learn the Tibetans

 in a Private Session with



Dream Yoga Is

THE Local Studio for

 National Level


Divine Sleep

YOGA NIDRA Teacher Training

with Kripalu's Jennifer Reis

LifeForce Yoga to

Manage Your Mood

with author Amy Weintraub

 Sun, Mar 29

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training

500-Certification Program

4 Modules

Starts Apr 8 - 15 with

Teaching Kripalu Meditation

& Advanced Asana

Divine Sleep

YOGA NIDRA Teacher Training

with Kripalu's Jennifer Reis

 April 30 - May 4

More coming soon! Stay tuned!



Winter Health Reboot:
Nutrition & Yoga

Tues, Jan 20-Feb 24

Yoga & Journaling:
Developing a
Contemplative Practice

Sun, Feb 8 - Mar 15

Introduction to



& Stress Reduction

Tuesdays, 7:30P


Gentle Stretching &

Guided Relaxation

Sundays, 7:00P

Tai Chi & Qi Gong for

 Health & Well-Being

Tues & Wed & Sat

Yoga for Teens

& Tweens



Sept 12, 2015

Mark your calendar

now to come to

Dream Yoga's

13th Anniversary

Open House

& Wellness Fair!

4 hours chocked full of

FREE, fun and informative


activities you won't

want to miss!  

Descriptions: Workshops, Mini-Courses & Special Events


See Our Most Current Listing of Workshops, Teacher Trainings & Special Events & Register Today!

Dream Yoga Studio is happy to be able to bring you quality workshops led by highly skilled and veteran teachers. Our teacher trainings are led by instructors from the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and other nationally renown institutions and programs.

Our upcoming
Yoga-Alliance approved
Teacher Trainings:

Transformational Teaching: Teaching the Deeper Practices Series

  • with Jurian Hughes - The Yoga of YES! (Feb 27-Mar 1)
  • with Amy Weintraub - LifeForce Yoga to Manage Your Mood (Mar 29)
  • with Jennifer Reis - Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra (Apr 30-May 4)

Plus Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training,
 500-Hour Certification Program
1. Guiding Kripalu Meditation & Advanced Asana
led by Sudhir Jonathan Foust & Michelle Dalbec (Apr 8-16)
2. Leading Kripalu Vinyasa (Nov 28-Dec 6)
3. Teaching Pranayama & Advanced Asana (Mar 11-19)
4. Instructing Kripalu Yoga for Special Populations (Fall 2016)

Stay tuned... We have more in the works!!




Feb 1

9:00 AM -

3:00 PM



This training qualifies

for 5.25 

Yoga Alliance Hours

"The Kundalini Yoga

For Women class was wonderful in every way!  Shakta Kaur Khalsa is

a delightful master

teacher. I feel privileged

to have experienced

the presence of her

energy.  I enjoyed all

of the exercises and

found the information

on women's health

informative and

enlightening. I arrived

at the class feeling

tired and stressed -

I left the class feeling

calm, rejuvenated,

and internally at


–Pamela Welch, Kansas City, MO

Women's Yoga for Radiant Health & Beauty

Mini-Retreat with Shakta Kaur Khalsa, E-RYT 500

Based on her book, Yoga for Women

                          All Levels. Beginners and experienced yoga practitioners are welcome.

                                     $105 Early Bird - registering by Jan 11; $120 After

Stay youthful, healthy and radiant with yoga and meditation that strengthen and balance your most important body systems---

•  Glandular system… controls the aging process and moods 

•  Spine… circulates energy and spinal fluid to keep you young

•  Nervous system…  promotes calmness and clarity


We’ll also focus on empowering and nurturing ourselves with

• healthy breast care

• osteoporosis prevention and

• PMS and Menopausal helpers


Course includes Kundalini yoga, meditation, deep relaxation, and yogic remedies and recipes especially designed for women’s health and natural beauty.

There will be a 45-minute lunch break. You're welcome to bring your lunch and "dine" at the Studio!

Empower yourself to be Relaxed…Happy….Radiant….Ageless

Beautiful Inside and Out!


About Your Instructor:  

Shakta Kaur Khalsa, has been a yoga teacher for over 30 years.  She is an IKYTA certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, a 500-Level Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, and a direct student of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga.  She has authored several books including Yoga for Women, which has been translated into 9 languages, Fly Like a Butterfly & Kundalini Yoga. More information at &






Feb 13


6:30-8:45 PM



A Great Friday Night 'Date'!



Space is limited. Register early!


.Leave your fast-

paced life a little


to learn new ways

to move, and

celebrate support and connection!

 PARTNER YOGA: Get Together for Valentine's

With Dream Director Luann Fulbright                                                  All Levels

500-Hour KYT, E-RYT & IYT                            $55 for Two - Early Bird Discount Fee

                                                                        $65 Regular Tuition

Grab a “significant other”—a partner, spouse, friend or child age 15 or older—for a special time of connecting, stretching and relaxing! 


Join Dream Yoga Studio Director Luann and her partner Mr. Bill for a relaxing and playful evening learning partner-assisted yoga poses any body can do. Partner Yoga helps you do three things that studies have shown help you live a longer, healthier and happier life:

  • connect with others
  • reduce stress and
  • have a little fun.

Also, by working with a partner, you can get deeper in your stretches and postures than before. The warm-ups and poses will stretch you and help you become more flexible and strong. They’ll be geared to ease tightness in tension-prone areas--neck, shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings, as well as your face and feet!  For extra stress relief, we’ll add in a little Partner Yoga Massage, and end with guided relaxation.

Partner Yoga is a great way to introduce someone to yoga. Students of all ability levels welcome. No yoga experience required.


Your Instructor: Luann has been studying and benefiting from yoga and meditation since 1975, and has taught yoga for 15 years.  She and her husband Bill enjoy sharing this special evening, exploring how you can partner up to stretch, strengthen, reduce stress, boost energy,  and enjoy practicing together. 


"Not just a class”… but a “unique experience.” 









Feb 15


11:00 AM -

 3:00 PM

Register HERE 


You won't be

 sitting all day!

Come share this

special time together… learning and

practicing the

 many ways of mindfulness. 

See how it

helps you

 reduce stress!


 Mindfulness Meditation Mini-Retreat for Stress  

With Jon Waterman                                                                  All Levels

                                                                       $45/person Early Bird Discount

                                                                        $60/person After

Co-sponsored  with IMCW (Insight Meditation Community of Washington)


Understanding how to cultivate and sustain appropriate attention, both on and off the meditation cushion, is essential in recognizing not only the origins of stress in our busy and demanding lives, but also skillful ways to reduce that stress. However, many of us here in the West come to the cushion with great expectations and quickly discover that we first need to remember how to relax.


 Scientists have proven that meditation not only reduces stress. It also helps you in these ways:

    •        Strengthen the immune system.                     
    •        Increase heart health.  
    •        Reduce high blood pressure.                                             
    •        Slow biological aging.                                           
    •        Strengthen coping skills.                                       
    •        Sleep better.
    •        Better manage pain.
    •        Heal more quickly.
    •        Help you create positive behavior changes.
    •        Achieve a greater sense of overall well-being.


This workshop is open to all—from beginners to long-time meditators—and is an opportunity for you to extend your practice over a few hours. The theme will be “Connecting the Moments.” That is, intentionally cultivating and sustaining a focused attention on sensations in the body as we mindfully transition from one posture to another; sitting/kneeling; standing; walking; reclining and gentle stretching. This four-hour workshop is crafted to be deeply relaxing, not to push our limits in one posture or another.

Please join us in this  31st “Mini-Retreat” at Dream Yoga Studio. Come to share meditation practice and get your questions answered. Explore new mindfulness techniques that will help you experience greater calm and healing.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Chairs, cushions, blankets, kneeling benches and props are available, but feel free to bring your personal sitting cushion.

Past participants are amazed at how peaceful they feel after this Retreat…and how fast the day flies.






Jan 11 - Feb 15

Feb 22 - Mar 22

7:00 - 8:15 PM

Register Here

Drop-Ins Welcome

No Yoga, Meditation

or Yoga Nidra

Experience Needed




Full-Body Relaxation


Feel Peaceful

& Refreshed!


Also Monthly

on Saturday


4:00 - 5:30P

Jan 24 - Caroline

Feb 21

Mar 21

Apr 25

with Dream Team




Divine SleepYOGA NIDRA: Stretch & Restore!

Gentle Stretching & Guided Relaxation

Larkin Goff, RYT, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Instructor

Laruen Fulbright, RYT, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Instructor      

                                                                                                Beginners, All Levels

                                                                     $17 Registered Students; $22 Drop In 


Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation technique that’s been proven to reduce stress levels and  promote mental clarity & peace of mind. As the pace of modern life increases exponentially, the timeless practice of Yoga Nidra has come to the foreground as an extremely effective tool for living with greater health and ease in the modern age. It’s an accessible form of yoga that can help you balance an active yoga practice and lifestyle.


Based in the tradition of compassionate self-inquiry, Yoga Nidra takes you through the koshas, or layers of being, to activate your body’s relaxation response and promote healing/transformation on all levels—physical, energetic, mental, emotional & spiritual levels. Studies show that, although the mind remains conscious during the practice, the levels of relaxation achievable during YN are deeper than regular sleep.


 Each class begins with gentle movement & closes with a reflection to mindfully re-enter the world. A regular Yoga Nidra practice has been proven to help alleviate stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. It calms the nervous system, promotes a positive outlook, and lifts your spirits. The visualization & sensory awareness used during YN directly communicate with your subconscious mind—where real and lasting changes begin!


Come to experience what 45 minutes of shavasana—lying down as you’re guided to deeper & deeper states of relaxation—can do for you! Absolutely NO yoga or meditation experience needed. Wear comfortable clothing for gentle movements to prepare for this guided experience. 


Students who do Yoga Nidra say they LOVE the way they feel afterward—noticeably

looser, freer…and a little more enlightened too!









Jan 6 - Feb 10

Feb 24-Mar 31

7:30 - 9:00 PM


Register Today


Only Experienced

Meditators Can

Register or Drop

In after the 2nd

week of each

Intro Session.


Register for

Jon's Next

1/2 Day




from Stress

Feb 15

11A - 3P

$5 Sample

& Make-Up

Class Feb 17




 6-Week Mini-Course:
Introduction to Mindfulness

Meditation for Stress Reduction:

With Jon Waterman                                                              Beginners, All Levels

                                                                           $20/$120=6 Classes; $24 Drop In                                                                                   

Co-Sponsored with IMCW

Insight Meditation Community of Washington

Winter is the perfect time to meditate--to slow down, go inside, focus and reflect.

This short course provides you  a special opportunity to become familiar with, or continue to practice, the time-tested, focusing, relaxing and restorative qualities of Mindfulness Meditation. We'll explore how meditation helps us lower stress levels, and be more balanced and healthy. You'll learn useful tools for identifying and managing stress in skillful and gentle ways.


We know that many folks are often intimidated by the thought of sitting still for long periods of time. So we’ll first explore gentle flowing movements that release tension and stress to prepare for meditation. As weeks progress, instructions will cover meditation while sitting, kneeling, standing and walking. Each class includes deep relaxation in the reclining posture. Jon will also offer short talks which include a relaxed blend of Applied Mindfulness—a secular approach to teaching meditation similar to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and some traditional teachings from the path to enlightenment.


This series is primarily for those new to meditation and/or want to reduce stress. Props such as chairs, sitting cushions, blankets and eye masks will be provided.


Your Instructor: Jon Waterman, an original member of the Board of Directors of the IMCW (Insight Meditation Community of Washington) Teacher’s Council, began practicing yoga and meditation while teaching the martial arts in the early 1970’s, with a concentration, since 1994, on Buddhist Insight Meditation. His workshops and retreats focus on strengthening continuity of present moment awareness by combining mindful movement, insight dialogue and various meditation techniques.




Fri - Sun

Feb 27 -

Mar 1


Fri Feb 27

6:30 - 8:30 PM


Sat Feb 28

9:30 AM-12:30 PM


1:30 - 4:30 PM


Sun Mar 1

9:30 AM-12:30 PM




This workshop

qualifies for 11




 for Yoga Teachers

Discover the places

in life where there’s


you are trying to

hold the reins

tightly and control

situations and

outcomes ... so

everything will

be okay.  Learn

instead powerful

principles and

exercises that

help you align

with the Universe,

and live life fully

and authentically.

An opportunity to

enhance listening

skills, to let go of

the thinking mind,

and to trust the guidance of prana within!

The Yoga of YES! A Weekend Immersion

with Kripalu's Jurian Hughes, E-RYT 500, MFA

                                              Perfect for all levels of students, regardless of length of study.

                                                Register for Full Weekend or Workshop Parts

                                  Full Weekend  $185 Early Bird, Registering by Feb 14

                                                                                       $225 Regular Tuition

Join Jurian Hughes, a leading Kripalu faculty member and 20-year theater veteran, for a fun, freeing and nurturing exploration of the Yoga of YES!

Discover how to use the tools of yoga to navigate life, just as an actor skillfully moves through an improvisation… saying “Yes!” In this workshop—designed for yoga practitioners, teachers, speakers, performers, wanna-be-performers, and anyone who longs to feel more freely and fully alive—we will:

  • Learn breathing techniques to increase physical and emotional power, energy, command, strength and capacity
  • Tap into our own creativity through the playful coupling of yoga and sound
  • Explore yoga postures and movement that cultivate freedom and ease in body and mind
  • Chant, sound and sing our way to bliss

Experience the power of using the ancient teachings of yoga to speak your truth, raise your energy level, and get ready to be surprised, delighted, encouraged and impressed by your own ability to ‘let go’ and to say, Yes” to life.

For All Levels. Attend one or more, or all four workshops for a discount. If possible, you are encouraged to attend all four sessions, as the weekend will build upon previous sessions.


This unique workshop will deepen your practice—as a student and teacher!


Friday Evening: The Yoga of YES! An Intro
An introduction to the foundation of the work. Learn the Seven Principles of the Yoga of Yes and begin to practice them in a fun and freeing way. Let your hair down and settle in for a weekend of discovery into this healing and empowering practice.

$38 Early Bird when paying by 2/14; $45 after   Register Today


Saturday Morning: Yoga and the Voice - Part I

Dive into the powerful energetic coupling of yoga and sound through chanting, affirmation and exercises designed to loosen the body and breath. Utilizing this combination of sound, breath and rhythm balances the nervous system by tapping into the brain’s control tower—the hypothalamus. This helps us balance hormones and improve mood, appetite, sleep and more.

$55 Early Bird when paying by 2/14; $65 after     Register Today

Saturday Afternoon:  Yoga and the Voice Toolbox - Part II
Sink into a more in-depth experience of the Principles as a way to connect deeply to a place of “yes”.   Using the techniques we’ve learned so far we’ll incorporate additional elements of Yes-Yoga to encourage and explore freedom of expression and inner clarity.  Sound and silence merge to allow full embodiment.
Fee:  $55 Early Bird when paying by 2/14; $65 after
    Register Today

Sunday Morning: From the Silly to the Sacred “Yes”
“Lila”—Sankrit for “play”—is one of our most divine gifts. In this final session, we are called into sacred relationship, exploring the ancient dance of body and soul sounding. You’ll leave with an integrated understanding of how to apply the tools of the Yoga of Yes to your everyday life in order to live each day from the inquiring place of affirmation and transformation.

$55 Early Bird when paying by 2/14; $65 after    Register Today


About Your Instructor:  Jurian Hughes, E-RYT 500, MFA,

is thrilled to be returning to Dream Yoga to offer this powerful and transformational program, which has touched so many and is the heart of her life’s work and passion. Jurian is a Kripalu Yoga Teacher Trainer, a Let Your Yoga Dance® Trainer, and a lead faculty member at Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA. A graduate of Williams College and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, with more than 20 years of experience in professional theater, both on and off Broadway, Jurian leads workshops and trainings at Kripalu and throughout the country, which draw on her extensive experience in yoga, dance, movement, voice and theater. Known for her passionate, playful and inspiring teaching style, she is the creator of the DVD, Gentle Kripalu Yoga with Jurian Hughes and the CD, Deep and Delicious Yoga.




March 29


1:30 - 5:30 PM


This workshop is a

pre-requisite for

the LifeForce Yoga® Practitioner Training.

5 Yoga Alliance CEUs

Helps boost your

sense of well-being.


Also a great workshop

for yoga teachers,

doctors& mental health professionals who

want to learn new

techniques for helping students/clients

mood management.




LifeForce YOGA®


An Introductory Workshop with the Author of

Yoga for Depression & Yoga Skills for Therapists 

Amy Weintraub, MFA, E-RYT 500

                                                                                Beginners/All Levels

                                Early Bird Discount:  $85 if paid by 3/8;  $95 thereafter


The author of the groundbreaking Yoga for Depression (Broadway Books) and the new Yoga Skills for Therapists: Effective Practices for Mood Management (W.W. Norton) guides you through evidence-based pranayama breathing exercises, accessible postures, mudras, mantras and meditation for meeting and managing your mood.

LifeForce Yoga® interweaves the power of an ancient discipline with current scientific findings to help you release what’s no longer serving you—without a story attached!

We’ll practice:

•       Pranayama and kriya breathing techniques that regulate the emotions

•       Creating Affirmation (sankalpa)

•       LifeForce Yoga® Bhavana (Imagery)

•       LifeForce Yoga® Chakra Clearing Meditation for Elevating Mood

•       Tones that regulate the emotions (mantras)

•       Yoga asanas suitable for multilevel practitioners


You will leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and excited about your at-home or teaching practice with new tools to bring balance to the emotional and physical body. 

Accessible for all levels, including beginners.  Psychotherapists, health professionals, and yoga teachers will learn techniques not regularly taught in yoga classes to help their clients focus, relax, and have greater access to their feelings. 


"Amy Weintraub’s Yoga for Depression offers us a powerful and comprehensive guidebook that provides the reader with a precise path for healing from depression. This book belongs in the hands of every person who experiences depression and in the library of every therapist who works with people suffering from depression."

   —Richard C. Miller, PhD, author of Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga & founding editor of The International Journal of Yoga Therapy


Your Instructor

Amy Weintraub, MFA, e-RYT 500, is the founding director of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute and has been a pioneer in the field of yoga and mental health for over 20 years. This Kripalu instructor and Yoga Therapist is involved in ongoing research on the impact of Yoga on mood. Her evidence-based Yoga protocol for managing mood is used in health care settings worldwide and is featured on a number of audio-visual products, including the LifeForce Yoga series, an award-winning library of evidence-based yoga and meditation CDs and DVDs for mood management.  She maintains an archive of news and research on her web site,








Wed, Apr 8 -

Thur, Apr 16


Deepen your


and advance your teaching skills

with four 9-day



Space Is Limited


to Find

Out More

& Apply at

Kripalu Center

On Sunday, Jan 25,

Sudhir & Dream

Director Luann

Fulbright hosted

a 45-Minute

FREE TeleConference

The Future of

Meditation &

An Overview

of the 500-Hour

Kripalu Teacher

Training Program

& Module 1

at Dream Yoga
Click HERE to

hear a Guided


an update on the

status of meditation

research and

scholarship, and

insight into Kripalu's

unique approach to

meditation and

asana. Plus get

answers to the

key questions

teachers have

about the upcoming 500-Hour Teacher Training at Dream.

The First-Ever Off-Site Series of 500-Kripalu Teacher Training

Kripalu School of Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training 500-Hour Certification at Dream Yoga Studio

First of 4 Modules with Kripalu's Senior Teacher

Jonathan (Sudhir) Foust &  Teacher Trainer Michelle Dalbec

               $1,500 Early Bird Discounted Rate - Until Feb 8;   $1,750 Regular Tuition

                                                                                                         Includes Training Manual

Program Overview

The Kripalu School of Yoga presents our first ever off-site series of 500-hour modules at our Studio starting in April with the first module of four. Students apply for Kripalu’s advanced-level training through the Kripalu School of Yoga. Once accepted, reserve space through Kripalu Registrations for the Modules at Dream Yoga.

Students are encouraged to enroll in the offsite option offered at Dream--to take all three modules at Dream Yoga Studio before registering for the final module at Kripalu. However, once accepted into the 500-hour program, students can take the modules in any order they prefer. Please note: This is the only offering of these modules at Dream Yoga Studio.

Find out more about 500-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training.

First Module at Dream

Guiding Kripalu Meditation & Advanced Asana


Jonathan Foust (Sudhir)

and Michelle Dalbec

Yoga teaches us that the pursuit of inner stillness is actually enhanced by periods of physical activity. Guiding Kripalu Meditation and Advanced Asana offers a unique teaching methodology that integrates modifications, variations, and hands-on assists, making the benefits of meditation and advanced asana accessible to you and your students.

This module includes

  • Immersion into the core meditation techniques of the Kripalu tradition
  • An integrated practice of postures, pranayama, and relaxation to enhance meditation
  • Simple yet effective tools to access the meditative states of dharana and dhyana
  • Insight into the broad spectrum of meditation approaches and their benefits
  • Discussion on how yoga and meditation can affect the healing, growth, and transformation processes.

Additional 500-Hour Modules Coming to Dream Yoga

Leading Kripalu Vinyasa
November 28–December 6, 2015.
Coby KozlowskiRead module description.

Teaching Pranayama and Advanced Asana
Spring 2016. Read module description.

Final 500-Hour Module at Kripalu

Instructing Kripalu Yoga for Special Populations
Dates coming soon
Sudha Carolyn Lundeen

For More Info, Schedule and to Apply, go HERE.

Or contact






Thur - Mon

Apr 30-May 4



8:30A - 5:00 P


Sat 10:00A-6:30P


Ready to learn how

to give the gift of deep

 relaxation, healing & transformation, while

you transform yourself?

Join Jennifer for

5 days that will

 change your life!


Space Is Limited



Divine Sleep YOGA NIDRA Teacher Training

with Kripalu's Jennifer Reis, E-RYT 500

40-Hour Certificate Training for Everyone -- yoga teachers, therapists, counselors, health professionals, parents & everyone interested in guiding others to relax & heal

                           $625 Early Bird Discounted Rate - Until Apr 1;   $680 Regular Tuition Fee

                                                                                            Includes 180-Page Training Manual


Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra has the power to transform us at our core. This ancient tantric meditation systematically guides you through each layer of being — the koshas. These include the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual layers, making this a healing practice that is inclusive of our whole being.  Yoga Nidra induces the relaxation response, our body’s own healing state where revitalization and regeneration occur.  Divine Sleep brings us effortlessly, compassionately and rapidly into this healing state.  Yoga Nidra has the power to transform core negative beliefs in our deepest levels of being. This improves not only our outlook…but also our health, happiness and leads us to self-awakening.


Who should attend? For everyone interested in guiding others to relax and heal –including yoga teachers, therapists, counselors, health professionals, caregivers and parents.

Learn to lead your students and clients into deeper levels of freedom and health than they ever imagined possible. You will leave this training feeling confident, enthused and delighted to offer the gift of Divine Sleep yoga nidra.


An inspired and inclusive practice, Yoga Nidra is one of the most accessible forms of yoga and meditation. In this training, you will:

  • Relax into openness, freedom, and bliss
  • Learn how to deeply nourish yourself and others
  • Explore yoga nidra within yogic tradition and Western science
  • Awaken a sense of wonder and creative energy
  • Discover how to craft effective classes
  • Cultivate voice quality and pacing
  • Explore music, postures, and props
  • Develop your skills by practicing yourself and leading others.


Welcome to Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, the antidote for modern life. You will leave this training feeling confident, enthused and delighted to give this gift.  


Listen to a Complete Divine Sleep Journey

Learn More About this Training


"A truly educational and transformative experience. The effects on me have been profoundly rejuvenative at both a personal and professional level. Jennifer is a truly knowledable and a compassionate teacher. I am definitely leaving with a greater sense of ease and relaxation. As a yoga instructor, I have the confidence and motivation now to offer this practice to my students."  ~ Eric Yatar


"The best part of the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training was the integration of Yoga Nidra with the knowledge and opportunities to practice. I felt like this training was truly multi-dimensional and well integrated. The sessions to practice postures and Yoga Nidra built up knowledge from slides and manual. Then the practice time to create and deliver Yoga Nidra scripts was developed incrementally and reinforced through all the above that it really came together for me. I leave with a fuller appreciation of myself as a whole being." ~ Lisa Bell


Your Instructor: 

Senior faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Integrative Yoga Therapist and IYT faculty member, and LMT, Ayurveda and shiatsu therapist, Jennifer has created and delivered professional teacher trainings, retreats and workshops for over 17 years.  At Kripalu, Jennifer leads thousands of students each year in powerful and transformative experiences in classes and workshops, and in her own trainings and retreats scheduled throughout the year. She also directs 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in the Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda. 

An authentic and spirited leader, Jennifer is the creator of both Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® and Five Element Yoga®.  Her Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra CDs have been the #1 best-selling CDs at Kripalu for eight consecutive years.  Jennifer is the lead Yoga Therapist and lead Private Yoga Healing Arts Therapist at Kripalu.  Jennifer is an LMT who practices Ayurveda and Shiatsu. She has a gift for creating sacred space to journey into realms of deep peace and renewal. Visit







Sept 12, 2015

1:00 PM -

5:00 PM


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4 hours chocked

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Special Health Event

13th Anniversary Open House & Wellness Fair

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Mark your calendar! Come Celebrate with Us and Explore New Ways to Get & Be Healthier!


Once again, we’re planning (now) 4 hours chocked full of fun and informative activities you won't want to miss!  You wil be able to:

  • Munch and mingle, as you sample healthy snacks and beverages
  • Attend FREE mini-Workshops for Adults, Teens & Kids  
  • Relieve stress, tightness and pain with a mini-Massage or other Healing Arts techniques
  • Get FREE health, posture and nutritional assessments and consultations
  • Discover what Yoga, Meditation & Yoga Therapy can do for you
  • Learn what Therapeutic Essential Oils – Nature’s Medicine – are right for you
  • Win FREE Prizes and GiveAways
  • SHOP for casual yoga and athletic wear in our special Boutique; for hand-designed Mala Beads, yoga books, DVDs, music, cards and other products for kids and parents
  • And more!

Watch for Full Schedule of Events

No Registration Needed, but RSVP Appreciated


Don't miss out!  Bring your friends, coworkers and family to discover something new that will enhance your health, happiness & sense of well-being!